Celebrating the United Nations 70th Anniversary!



In the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the UN system in Tunisia made two days of exhibition and a meeting in the Hall of the National Museum of Bardo.

In Tunisia, 18 UN agencies are present and working alongside the government to support democratic institutions and economic development and sustainable social country.

The exhibition was open to public for two days, young people, families were present to celebrate this organization’s anniversary and discover the work of its agencies. A lot of documents were shared and presented.

I leave you with some pictures of the private exhibition in which, all the UN system members, Ambassadors, Diplomats, and Mr Habib Essid; Head of the Tunisian Government, were invited and shared friendly moments discussing the work done already and to be done in the future.

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Meeting of UNYAP with GTJA: Experience with Ambition

The second meeting of the Thematic Group Youth and Adolescents / Youth Advisory Panel was held at the House of the Image in Mutuelleville-Tunis. Opening remarks were given by Dr.Leila Joudane, UNFPA Assistant Representative in Tunisia in the presence of young people and representatives of United Nations Agencies in Tunisia; particularly Mrs Lila Peters, UNICEF Representative who co-chairs with UNFPA thematic group and young teens.

World Humanitarian Summit Global Youth Consultation Doha 2015

WHS Doha 2015

WHS Doha 2015

It was great being invited to Global Youth Consultation to #Reshape Aid.
This event was a platform for youth to enhance their knowledge on current global and regional challenges to meet the humanitarian needs, facilitated discussions on youth contribution to humanitarian actions, and a space to allow the views of youth to be incorporated into the UN Secretary-General’s report and the overall recommendations for the World Humanitarian Summit.

The event did also foster increased collaboration between youth organizations in reaching a resilient and sustainable society where the humanitarian needs are meet and prevented.

The WHS Youth Summit was a 2 day activity with a scheduled mix of plenary speakers, breakout discussions, voting exercises, engagement with remote participants, skills-building sessions. All activities associated with the conference program wias developed and structured by the Organizing Committee with advice/input from the Planning (Advisory) Committee. The consultation consisted of formal plenary sessions and technical sessions but also included time for informal presentations and networking based on the ‘unconference’ format. This allowed for spontaneous, participant-driven sessions.

The World Humanitarian Summit Global Youth Consultation was held Hamad Bin Khalifa University – Qatar Foundation (HBKU QF) Student Centre Doha, Qatar, for two days on September 1st – 2nd, 2015.

Turkey will host for the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. UN Secretary-General Ban highlighted that Turkey’s important contribution at national, regional and global levels, especially to the humanitarian issues as well as historical characteristic and logistic capabilities of İstanbul played a role in the decision.

I hope that this excessive work will lead to concrete solutions for the Current Humanitarian Issues.
Humanity is suffering. We must be the change makers before it is too late.

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