My Visit to the European Parliament

EU Parliament (12)
By March 2015, I was in Strasbourg and I visited officially the European Parliament.
It was a great visit through which I had the opportunity to be close from European decision makers and to have a better overview about the flow of the European decision making.

Each month, members gather for four days to vote and debate in a series of meetings known as plenary sessions.
Fortunately, I had the chance to attend the plenary session of this month!

My visit to the European parliament included discovering the institution, listening to the debate of the European Deputies and meeting with Terry Reintke, who is the youngest Deputy in the European Parliament from the Green party of Germany (27 Years old).

So first, I assisted to the debate between the Deputies talking about Russia and the Ukrainian issue. It was extraordinary to experience the European atmosphere of work and the European way to debate and resolve issues.

Afterwards, I met Terry, who works mostly on the Ecological issues and the Empowerment of Women. We discussed several themes. She talked about her work in the Parliament and she explained how hard it is for an active young woman. Among the obstacles she faced in her carrier is to be taken seriously and respected just like other male deputies. Terry talked about her experience in the elections to be member of the European Parliament and then in the working field. She stated that women in political life are facing a lot of difficulties and barrios that men don’t usually face. And she said that men generally focus on building a network that may facilitate work for them while women generally are very practical and hard working.

It was a breathtaking experience that simply changes your way of thinking and let you better understand the progress of the European policies.

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